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The program's curriculum blends the traditional and updating components of a marketing education with the study of those content, skill, and sensitivity areas that uniquely define sense of  professional marketing. Through a combination of academic and clinical experiences, students will develop an appreciation and understanding of  a professional marketing process.
For those of you who have completed two years of study in the USB can still continue the year-3 study in Bandung or continue in Malaysia or in any college in the world.

  • Career Prospect

What about the career prospects? While you start making plans to become The Greatest Marketing Manager Ever, you’re hungry to know more. You ask: What can you do with a marketing degree?
Get ready to turn on your concentration switch for a summary of some typical (and less typical) marketing roles, industries and sectors, including a look into the future of marketing

  • Typical Marketing Career

When it comes to typical marketing careers, marketing graduates are well positioned to start work as a marketing intern in a small or large advertising agency, or in the marketing department of a business or other organization. From there, marketing positions available include assistant, consultant, coordinator, executive, director, manager, planner, specialist, all the way up to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
You’ll be able to apply your marketing knowledge and skills, and get to see all the marketing principles you learnt during your marketing degree come to life. Expect a nine-to-five schedule with long hours nearer to deadlines/during big projects, lots of team work, and some travel locally and abroad for networking, customer research and meeting clients.
Marketing careers also include roles in advertising, brand management, digital marketing, e-mail marketing, international marketing, e-marketing, mobile marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing. Looking at the four ‘P’s of marketing, price may be determined by the marketing manager; place by a distribution or merchandising manager; promotion by a marketing communications or promotions director; and product by a merchandise, brand or  product management
Our Programme
Program Specialization : Bachelor in Business
Major                             : Marketing
Degree                          : BBuss (Hons)(Marketing)
Below are modules that you will studying for:
Year 1 (9 compulsory subjects)

  1. ACC101 Financial Accounting 1
  2. ACC103 Management Accounting 1
  3. ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics
  4. ECO102 Principles of Macroeconomics
  5. IT C101 I nformation Technology for Business
  6. LAW101 Business Law
  7. MGT101 Principles of Management
  8. MKT101 Principles of Marketing
  9. QBM101 Business Statistics

Year 2 & 3  (14 compulsory subjects & electives)

  1. FIN 202 Financial Management
  2. MKT201 Consumer Behavior
  3. MKT202 I nternet Marketing
  4. MKT203 D istribution & Logistics Management
  5. MKT205 Sales Management
  6. MKT207 Product Management
  7. COM200 Managerial Communication
  8. MGT200 Small Business Management
  9. MGT202 E-Business
  10. MKT206 Retail Management
  11. MKT208 Brand Management
  12. MKT301 I ntegrated Marketing Communications
  13. MKT302 Strategic Global Marketing
  14. MKT303 Marketing Research
  15. MKT304 Competitive Marketing Planning & Strategy
  16. MKT306 Services Marketing
  17. MKT307 E nvironmental Marketing
  18. MKT302 Strategic Global Marketing
  19. MKT305 Strategic Marketing Relationship
  20. MKT308 B2B Marketing
  21. MKT311 I nnovative Product Development and Management
  22. MGT400 Graduation Project
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