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Universitas Sangga Buana so call USB and HELP University has agreed to collaborate. The agreement is made on the 13 Day of April 201 HELP agrees to develop and provide courses, curriculum, academic consultancy and advise to USB in Indonesia which conducts Programme of Studies in USB. USB hereby agrees to obtain developed courses, curriculum, academic consultancy and advise from HELP for the Programme of Studies conducted by USB in Indonesia.
Its collaboration between the two be designed as twinning program. It is a practice whereby two (sometimes more) universities in different regions or in different countries help each other. At the university level, students may spend time in the twin school to gain experience they would not get in their home school. Faculty may be exchanged, resources shared.
Therefore please join for those students who have a dream to snatch international career, and get your international degree from HELP University while you can still study and stay in Bandung.

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