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In the end of 2015 ASEAN Economic Community would be officially announced. It would enliven ASEAN markets and could be a benchmark of Indonesia economy. Welcoming AEC 2015, all Indonesians including university students and academicians in Indonesia ought to enhance their skills and prepare themselves in order to be able to compete with other states and elevate Indonesia economy in ASEAN.
It has been carried out by Universitas Sangga Buana (USB) to get ready for AEC. We all believe that with High Quality of Human Resources, USB is ready for ASEAN Economic Communit. Taking this big opportunity is with the purpose in order that USB could be more prepared for confronting AEC.
When Indonesia is part of AEC, there are five liberties to follow, namely free flow of goods, free flow of services, free flow of investment, free flow of capital, and free flow of skilled labor. However, Indonesian migrant worker has not counted in free flow of skilled labor. It is only good-skilled graduates who are free of going in and out ASEAN countries without any barriers.
In the context of confronting AEC 2015, USB decided to collaborate with HELP University, one of the best universities in Malaysia. To that end, I invite prospective students who  have the spirit of international career to really prepare for the future more glorious, because the enormous opportunities in AEC 2015 within the global era that can not be dammed, to immediately enroll in the Bachelor in Business majoring in Marketing right now.
Dr Asep Effendhi, SE, M.Si

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